Watch the Techstars webinar to learn how to empower and transform your internal teams and inject startup mindset into your company culture.

In this webinar, we answer questions about Techstars Innovation Bootcamp, a 54-hour corporate innovation workshop that surrounds internal teams with the framework, skills and mentorship necessary to rapidly validate solutions to solve critical business problems. Learn the specifics directly from Techstars Innovation Coaches and Techstars Corporate Partner, Equinor.

Learn how our Innovation Bootcamp can help you to:

  • Attract and retain innovative talent
  • Empower natural entrepreneurs and innovators
  • Introduce startup and lean business approaches
  • Generate valuable new business and product ideas
  • Keep employees engaged within a creative, startup-like environment
  • Demonstrate your commitment to innovation and employee development



Laurent J Poncet

Laurent Poncet,
Innovation at Equinor

John Beadle

John Beadle,
Product at Product Habits

Carley Jacobson

Carley Jacobson, 
Innovation Coach at Techstars